"God Loves You As He Loved Jacob"

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"This doesn’t matter. None of this matters.
All that matters is that we felt it."

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"Lindelof not only helped create Hurley. He was our Hurley, sharing this slice of his mind one episode at a time. It’s the place he helped make so we could find each other, but also find part of ourselves. To pillory someone who gave us that opportunity doesn’t just make you a jerk. It demonstrates that you didn’t really watch the show. You spent so much time trying to solve it that you couldn’t enjoy it. You committed all the mistakes that the show’s characters did and yet learned none of the lessons they did. There will be no one waiting for you to move on. You will be lonelier than Ben outside the church. You won’t even be outside the church. You’ll be back on your own Island, whispering with your fellow discontented denizens about how Lindelof screwed you over and wasted six years of your life on something no one forced you to watch in the first place.
The thing is, we can’t hear those whispers anymore.
Hell, we can barely even hear your screaming.
We’ve moved on.
So should you.
Forgive Damon.
Forgive yourselves.
We’ll be here waiting when you do.”
- Ryan McGee - “Fans Need to Find the Fine Line Between Fandom and Fanaticism”


friendly reminder that alex saved claire and unborn aaron from experimentation, kidnapping and death

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A Haiku about Sayid


literally done with
everyone. Also very sad
he tortures people

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a Haiku about Sawyer


"I just shot a bear!"
he will give you a nickname
give me back my stash

a Haiku about Desmond


hes very scotish
See you in another life
“I love you, Penny”

whatisthesoundoftheworld: That's a great idea for Halloween! I ordered sawyers 'sheriff dharma patch' (the one with the star) a long time ago from etsy but till today I've never done anything with it :(

Aw you should look into finding a jumpsuit and you could put the patch on it! It’d be a great costume!!